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Daily Vegan Recipe - Golden brown crispy spring rolls

Daily Vegan Recipe - Golden brown crispy spring rolls


Recipe (yields 20-25 rolls)⁣


~ 1 package of spring rolls wrapper, thaw based on package instructions⁣

~ 4-5 cups of shredded cabbage⁣

~ 2 cups of shredded purple cabbage⁣

~ 16oz firm tofu, cut into strips⁣

~ 10 caps mushrooms, sliced⁣

~ 2 carrots, shredded⁣

~ 1 teaspoon stir fry sauce (recipe; see highlights)⁣

~ oil for frying & salt to taste⁣

~ cornstarch slurry to seal the wrapper ⁣

✅Place shredded cabbage in a big bowl, then using your fingers, massage in 1 teaspoon of salt, set aside for 15 mins. Repeat the same step with purple cabbage. ✅Meanwhile, in a heated nonstick pan, pan-fry tofu until golden brown, season with a pinch of salt. Place tofu in a bowl & set aside. Using the same pan, sauté mushrooms in 1 teaspoon oil & season with sauce.⁣ After 15 mins, drain cabbages & squeeze out as much liquid out as possible.

✅Please check my IGTV on how to wrap the spring rolls🙏🏻 (In this video, my filling ingredients were separated but you can always mix all the filling together before wrapping😊 & be sure to season with salt, if needed)

✅Shallow pan-fry/deep fry spring rolls until golden brown. Alternatively, brush oil on spring rolls & bake them at 495F until crispy, flipping halfway. Serve with a side of lime chili sauce.⁣

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